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Samson Resolv SE8 Powered Monitor (Single)

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. product type Monitor. A product from Samson Technologies

Studio Enhanced.

Samson’s Resolv SE8 2-Way Active Studio Reference Monitor offers a redesign from the classic Resolv A-Series monitor, with more accurate sound reproduction and a stylish new look. Resolv SE8 utilises the latest innovations in speaker engineering,which can be used with multiple monitors to provide superb stereo imaging for recording, post-production and other multimedia applications.

Producing 100 watts of power, Resolv SE8 includes a dedicated power amp and electronic crossover that provide accurate tonal balance. The new 8-inch woven carbon fibre woofer provides tight and controlled low frequency response, while its1.25-inch soft dome tweeter gives the high frequencies a true, natural sound without unwanted resonance. Resolv SE8 also includes a 4-position high frequency lift control that allows the monitor to be optimised for different mixing environments, andis AV shielded for operation near CRT monitors and other sensitive electronics.

This new-look enclosure is constructed of solid MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and feature an elegant finish on the front panel. Inset into the panel is a sleek, time-aligned waveguide that allows for a wide listening area with minimumdiffraction. In addition, its slotted front ports with rounded inner edges help reduce port noise at high SPLs.

A pair of Resolv SE8s is the perfect monitor setup for any recording studio. Tracking vocals, instruments and sound design elements are a breeze with these pro-level monitors, as you’ll be able to hear every nuance with impeccable precision andmake adjustments for the best possible performance. In the end, Resolv SE8s will help you get the sound you want from the start and save you valuable time in post-production.

When you’re finished recording, the audio reproduction capabilities of a Resolv SE8 monitor system enables you to mix and master tracks that will sound great on a wide range of playback systems. Designed to help you producing smooth, even mixes,each Resolv SE8 features a wide

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Brand/Publisher: Samson Technologies
Product Type: Monitor
Edition Number: SARESSE8-K
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